Addressing Family Violence

The Communities for Children (C4C) Bendigo collaboration identified family violence as a key factor affecting child development in the Bendigo region.
Children experience and are impacted by family violence either through violence targeted towards them, by witnessing family violence towards a family member; usually their mothers, and also through fearing violence occurring. When a child experiences family violence, their development, health and safety are significantly impacted. Children living with family violence are at risk of long-term negative impacts on their overall wellbeing, including physical and mental health, educational attainment, and employment outcomes.
C4C Bendigo believe that the Early Years sector play a critical role in addressing family violence, particularly in relation to the impact of violence on children. It is within this context that C4C Bendigo initiated the development of a family violence action plan for the Early Years sector.
The C4C Early Years Family Violence Action Plan recognises the need to place children front and centre of any efforts to address family violence. It focuses on children’s experience and ways in which children can be protected from the effects of family violence. The ultimate aim of this initiative is to reduce the impact of family violence on children in Bendigo.
The C4C Early Years Family Violence Action Plan also recognises the importance of acting early to make a difference, highlighting the important role that Early Years services play in children’s lives. It provides an innovative approach to resourcing and capacity building within the Early Years sector with a focus on training as well as building alignment between these services and the specialist family violence system.
There is also acknowledgment that the wider community can play a key role in preventing violence by changing attitudes, providing early response to people at risk and improving responses to women and children who experience violence, and to the men who perpetrate it.

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C4C Early Years Family Violence Project Worker 

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