Communities for Children (C4C) Bendigo developed a local Action Plan outlining the directions and actions for C4C partners to undertake including the period 2015 through to 2020. The development of this Action Plan has been based on the principles and approaches of the Collective Impact model.

Collective Impact describes an arrangement whereby a range of organisations or individuals from different sectors make a commitment to a common agenda, using a structured form of collaboration.
In practice this means that the C4C Bendigo Action Plan is a shared plan between C4C partners and stakeholders. As such, we collectively share ownership and responsibility for the implementation of the Action Plan as a whole.

Communities for Children has identified several key outcomes we would like to achieve through our work. In order to achieve these outcomes, we have partnered with several key local organisations and agencies to deliver seven funded projects.

These projects are:

Off to an Early Start (OTAES)

Delivered by City of Greater Bendigo


This program directly supports parents to access early years programs and education and helps build parenting skills and confidence.


The aims of OTAES are to:

·    enable children’s access to playgroups and pre-school through supporting families whose children do not or irregularly attend early years programs, pre-school and primary school

·    educate families on the need for and the importance of early years learning for pre-school children

·    embed OTAES practices and exploring fit with other services



Supported Playgroup


Delivered by Shine Bright EYM


This project will continue to support the five existing playgroups delivered by partner agencies across Bendigo via intake, facilitating professional learning and networking opportunities.


The aims of this project are to:

·    support the number of supported playgroups in Bendigo through supporting agencies to develop and maintain supported playgroups for children and families experiencing disadvantage

·    enhance parent’s skills and confidence to support their child’s development

·    provide early identification and intervention including referral to appropriate services

Aboriginal Early Years Services Access


Delivered by

Bendigo District Aboriginal Cooperative

The project focuses on building links between Aboriginal families and early years services and improving participation rates of Aboriginal families in early years & universal services.

The aims of this project are to:

·    build linkages between early years services and Aboriginal children & families

·    build the cultural competence of early years services and in doing so create cultural safety for Aboriginal children and families

Children’s Literacy and Language

Delivered by Bendigo Health

The focus of the project is on supporting the implementation of the C4C Early Years Literacy and Language Development Strategy for Bendigo in conjunction with the C4C partner agencies, the broader sector and community.


The aims of this project are to:

·    build awareness of children’s language and literacy needs amongst families experiencing vulnerability, Aboriginal families and within the wider community

·    develop processes and structures that ensure all families with newborns have access to information and resources to support their children’s language and literacy development



Early Years Family Violence

Delivered by Centre for Non-Violence


The focus of the project is on building the response of early years services to family violence and calling to action the C4C Early Years Family Violence Action Plan across the early years sector.

The aims of this project are to:

·   support the implementation of the Early Years Family Violence Action Plan developed by the Centre for Non-Violence in partnership with C4C

·    identify how early years services and programs can help address family violence through awareness raising, staff training and family support

·    create greater linkages and collaboration between the early years sector and family violence support agencies



Voice of the Family


Delivered by Noah’s Ark

The focus of the project is gathering the voice and views of children and parents with the aim of including children and families in the design of programs and services in the early years sector.

The aims of this project are to:

·    ensure parents & children have a voice in the development and implementation of early years services

·    build ongoing structures and processes for the input by and consultation with parents and children

·    build the practice and processes for ‘warm referral’ across early years sector

Parent-Child Mother Goose


Delivered Baptcare and Noah’s Ark


An evidence based program that focuses on stories, rhymes and songs to build attachment and literacy with parents/carers and their 0-5 yr old children.


The aims of the Parent-Child Mother Goose programs are to

·    improve children’s language ability and skills through the use of rhymes, songs, stories

·    create opportunities for children to have positive early experiences with language and communication

·    build parental attachment and develop parents knowledge/ confidence