Bendigo Community Health Service (BCHS) is delighted to announce that smalltalk supported playgroups are open. Five smalltalk supported playgroups are commencing across the Bendigo region, including Heathcote, during term one. 

smalltalk is a set of evidence-based parenting strategies that parents can use to enhance the home learning environment for their children from birth to school age. smalltalk aims to increase parents’ confidence to do the things we know can have a positive impact on their child’s learning. It is about using everyday opportunities and the activities that many parents already do in the home to enhance their children’s learning and development. These include the way they talk, listen and play with their children, read together and how they engage them in interesting and stimulating activities. smalltalk also includes ideas on how parents can look after themselves and helps build links with their community and local services.

The program is offered in a supported playgroup environment, but can also be provided to individual families in their home.

smalltalk is a free playgroup for families with a child/ren aged under year years of age.

Download a smalltalk flyer.

For more information e-mail Tiffany Holschier, or ring her on 0498 642 909.